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Hybrid and Electric Cars – Which is a Better Choice?

Recently, there is an uptick in the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road, touting significant cost-savings for drivers and cleaner roads. These two benefits seem like a winning combo for the drivers and the environment, especially with recent fuel prices on the rise.

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The allure to the idea of driving an electric vehicle is highly appealing, with their progressive design and models decked out with the most captivating technologies that you can house in a four-wheeler ­– but before you find yourself seduced to the idea of purchasing one, let’s look at how driving an EV fairs in Singapore and whether you should instead be paying more attention to their more-prominent cousin – the hybrid.

Price & Existing Infrastructure

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Economically wise, even with the green rebates and incentives to encourage more drivers to make the switch to an EV, electric vehicles are still costly to purchase. Factoring that EVs are still relatively new to the scene in Singapore, there is currently a very limited variety of available models, which greatly narrows the selection range based on one’s preference and budget.

Charging can also be an inconvenient affair, considering that almost 81% of Singaporeans live in HDB (based on statistics published from 2020 to 2021) or private apartments, which means little-to-no availability of chargers. The accessibility of gas stations for petrol cars or hybrid vehicles compared to chargers for EVs is also a major factor to consider – re-fuel access is readily available, but chargers are not as commonplace due to the lack of infrastructure as of now. Without the need to recharge by plugging in, the bi-fuel gasoline-powered engine for hybrids avoids unnecessary stress that may come with an electric vehicle’s limited driving range.

(Photo by Michael Fousert on Unsplash)

With the current lack of infrastructural support as well as accessibility to chargers, drivers should weigh the expense of a high initial outlay and the inconvenience of charging over the potential cost savings from recharging vs refuelling in order to make a sound decision.

Green Sustainability

(Photo by Jiachen Lin on Unsplash)

Reduced emission is one of the main selling points of driving an EV.

Although hybrids are already a greener alternative than normal internal combustion engines (ICE), EVs do not create any tailpipe emissions at all, which is one of the key contributing factors to pollution on the roads.

 Performance in EVs is also higher with quieter motors and smooth travels.

Hybrid over Electric?

The high fuel efficiency and flexibility are what give hybrid vehicles an edge over EVs. While hybrids can also enjoy vehicle emission rebates due to their cleaner engine than an ICE vehicle, the additional incentives for early adopters of EV are overshadowed by the lack of choices, poor infrastructure support, and high prices.

The switch over to fully-electric is tempting, but might not be as conducive right now for people to ease into. In the meantime, opting for a hybrid vehicle would be a far more effective solution for drivers seeking higher fuel efficiency and flexibility.

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Section & Prime Car Rental has provided me and our company with excellent service and strong support over the past 20 years. I like to compliment Annie Goh and her team of experienced sales and operational staff who have provided me with very good support and prompt response each time I need their assistance. I am indeed very satisfied and will certainly recommend my friends or anyone who is in need of a car. I can vouch that their service is the best and next to no one.
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First time rented a car from Prime their services are excellent and provide very fast response when my car having aircon issue. Less than 2hrs they send a replacement car for me even though happened on Sunday, really appreciate it. Overall I’m pretty happy and satisfied their service from confirmation they arrange their staff send me the car until returning back the car total more than 1 month they also send their staff come to my place to collect.
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Amazing service and I wished I could have given unlimited number of stars! We have been a customer of theirs for about 8 years in total, during our 2 different stays in Singapore. They are the only company we’ll work with for car rental in Singapore – thanks to the outstanding team and their incomparable attention and efficiency. Finally, a huge bravo to Annie Goh, the Manager in charge!

Rachel Sermeth

Been a customer for more 3 years.. Their service from the sales representative Ms. Joey is superb and excellent. Very prompt service and cater to all my needs. And not forgetting from the operations side, Mr. Zaini. Any matters pertaining the car are resolved quickly and hassle-free.Never regret choosing Prime Car Rental. Thank you!

Han Z

Annie Goh and her team are amazing. A very professional group of individuals who take customer service to the next level. They have a nice selection of cars suitable for all budgets. Maintenance is done on a regular basis and a loaner vehicle is provided. I highly recommend them for all your transportation needs!

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